Life at Walnut Ranch

ponies and bunnies.jpg

Walnut Ranch is owned and operated by Katie and Jakob Stadler.

Katie has ridden horses most of her life and competed successfully when she was younger. A few years ago a friend asked her if she could teach her children to ride. The riding school grew from there. Slowly she found more ponies as the word got out and more children came for lessons.

Jakob has always enjoyed building and working with wood so building the ranch's famous entry gate, animal shelters, yards, stables and much more has been a big job, but very rewarding. Jakob comes from Switzerland so the ranch has a little touch of Swiss in its designs.

Jakob, Katie and their three children enjoy the lifestyle of living and working on the ranch.  

Also on the team at Walnut Ranch is Chloe, who is one the  Riding School Instructors. Chloe has ridden most of her life. She is great with the students and ponies, and has a special way of encouraging the students to be the best they can be.

Our mission at Walnut Ranch is to give people the opportunity to learn about animals and the environment. To encourage children and adults to step outside their comfort zone and become the best they can be. Learning new skills, not just with animals and riding, but life skills that will give them tools for the rest of their life. We also encourage leadership and provide the opportunity for students to become leaders in our holiday programmes, riding lessons open days and much more.

Walnut Ranch has given my child new confidence.
— Grateful Parent